Full Retreat

Expletive deleted!

I hadn’t written about this yet, because I was so morose, angry, and embarrassed about this that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  But, alas, I must.

The thumb drive on which most of my more recent work had been saved got up and walked away at school the week before last.  By which I mean to say, some asshole stole it.  With luck he, she, or it has the Guinea pig-like intelligence that so many of the college’s students exhibit (one of them did ask me how to spell “career” during the English assessment, after all) and doesn’t know what to do with the stolen data, provided it was even seen.  It was more likely blanked off the drive the moment someone ferreted it off to a secure computer.  That being one which was not in my line of sight.

So, I’m back to what I had on my home PC, which is not inconsiderable.  It’s just not where I was.



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