Easter Eggs

Easter eggs.  They’re where it’s at.

In working on this bit of writing I’ve decided to insert a bunch of these to make it a bit more interesting for the informed reader.  Besides which, it’ll allow me to add depth to the story; at least, it’ll allow me to add the illusion of depth.  I’ll be keeping a list of the eggs I drop into the story so that when I die someone can find my notes and everyone can remark on how terribly clever I was.

Thus far I’ve got but one juicy egg.  The main character of my story, and his cohorts, happen to be part of a numbered list.  They’re an odd bunch, these folks, so I’ve decided to do some odd things with them.  In this case, each member of the group will have characteristics based on what their number happens to mean in numerology.  Not that there’s anything terribly mystical within the story I’m writing, but I think it’ll be an interesting gem in the case that someone deeply involved in numerology happens to read my story.  I’ll probably send free copies to fortunetellers.

More gems will get dropped in there, I promise.  Each one a multicoloured wonder.


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