The Ultimate Democracy


I’ve found an old piece of work that I haven’t touched in an age.  The original draft that I had was submitted to a publisher, but not accepted.  Well, the three or so chapters I have so far.  It’s a bit hard-edged and graphic, but with a little work I can expand its scope and maybe take some of the more obscenely biological descriptions out.  It could be a good read, if I work it out properly.

The advantage to this is that I have a core idea, and that it fits within the framework of the themes I’ve discussed earlier in this section.  Being somewhat paranoid with my written word, it’s unlikely I’m going to post too much detail about it here, but we’ll see.  Hopefully I go a little feverish with it, because that’s when I do my best writing.

Time to brew some coffee and stack some smokes.  Winning!


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