Gravitas of Lemma

Or the Importance of Themes.

Science fiction, like all writing, is based on the exploration of overarching themes.  Science fiction differs only in the presentation of these themes, often using fantastical technologies to emphasize the effect of the theme the author wishes to discuss.  The Forever War by Joe Haldeman is a good example, wherein the author utilizes the effects of sub-light interstellar travel to place an emphasis on the dehumanizing nature of war.  Or you can just read it and enjoy a good military sci-fi story.  It’s your call.

So, that being said, I’m always trying to develop a new idea.  They seldom seem to get off the scraps of paper I scribble them on.  Maybe this one will; who knows?  I, like Haldeman, have decided to look into the types of dissociation that can come to the fore when long-distance, “slow” travel is undertaken.  Linking the problems that can arise from miscommunication, the dissociation that so many of us suffer with today, and how technology impacts communication in a modern society may provide a common thread, a grand overarching theme composed of smaller conceptual participants.  Or it could produce a load of Emo crap that no one wants to read.  I guess we’ll have to see.

I always invite comments, and I’ll especially do so within the context of this section.  Tell me what you think.

Does miscommunication ever mess up your life?  How?  How about feeling disconnected from the world.  Does it ever happen to you?  How do you feel technology has affected interpersonal relationships?  At the end of the day, how do you feel about these things?  Finally, do you have ideas of other themes I can explore?


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